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Blessedtree is a team of capable professionals who excel in collaborating across borders to bring value to clients. For years, we have been a trusted management solution provider for many clients in public and private sector.

Based in Amman – Jordan and covering the entire GCC, Levant and North African region; Blessedtree continues to fulfill its founding principles that our success stems from our trustworthy relation with our clients, our capability to live to their expectations and turn them into long-term partners.


Our cutting edge and powerful solutions support you pursue to realize strategy, achieve value an max
imize return on projects, enhance enterprise alignment and improve performance enterprise wide. All
of this with your process always at the heart, It is where it all begins and ends!

Strategy & corporate performance solutions

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Whatever the strategy or performance management model you choose to implement, from Balanced- Scorecard to a simple performance tracking model,we can support them all. With our solutions, managing your entire strategy lifecycle was never easier. We can help you:
- Align your entire organization around a shared vision.
- Make sure you strategy is always balanced, aligned & focused.
- Easily and at anytime update strategy components and performance targets.
- Stay always aligned to corporate or national strategies or respond to changes in environment or directions.
- You can easily communicate and collaborate with all levels in your organization, and above all, track your strategy achievement at any time and from anywhere.