Whatever the strategy or performance management model you choose to implement, from Balanced- Scorecard to a simple performance tracking model, we can support them all. With our solutions, managing your entire strategy lifecycle was never easier. We can help you:

- Align your entire organization around a shared vision.

- Make sure you strategy is always balanced, aligned & focused.

- Easily and at anytime update strategy components and performance targets.

- Stay always aligned to corporate or national strategies or respond to changes in environment or directions.

- You can easily communicate and collaborate with all levels in your organization, and above all, track your strategy achievement at any time and from anywhere.

Improving corporate governance is gaining more and more attention as never before. With strategy as a key governance component, our solutions help you:

- Enhance transparency level and increase organizational agility.

- Set, align and evaluate performance on the operational level.

- Set, align and evaluate performance on the employee level.

- Integrate strategy with operational and financial planning.

- Manage board meetings and corporate forums.

- Effectively manage and align internal taskforces.

- Manage and track enterprise risk KPIs.

- Automate corporate performance management processes.

- Make use of the most advanced, interactive and informative dashboards.

- Get timely information and produce informative performance reports with a click.

- Provide decision makers with precise on-time information on performance on all levels.

- Use intelligence to increase your visibility of your business and organization.

- Use performance scorecards to manage performance on strategic and operational level and cascade performance targets on the employee level.

- Utilize performance data to drive improvement.

With our Project & Portfolio Management solution, you can easily align your projects and manage your business investments. We can help you reap big results.

- Assess and justify new projects ideas.

- Keep stakeholders engaged all the time.

- Group and align your projects to strategic and operational plans.

- Manage project procurement cycle.

- Control projects delivery.

- Manage projects quality.

- Control changes to your projects.

- Manage projects financials.

- Manage projects risks and issues.

- Manage projects benefits.

- Enhance project communication.

- Make project handover smoother.

Corporate collaboration, communication, and teamwork are all key to your strategy success, nothing stand in the face of your strategy as much as organizational barriers. We can help you:

- Create a more collaborative culture.

- Improve cross teams collaboration & communication.

- Track cross teams performance and leverage their productivity.

- Make sure your teams are always aligned and engaged.

- Manage team formulation, evaluation and closure.

With our interactive Decision Support System mobile application, stay informed on your corporate performance any time and from any where